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day 9 - designated wing woman



Day 9- So it is the day of my roommates bachelorette party and I have been doing a good job of keeping my hands off my face so that it was able to clear-up/calm-down enough so that I would be able to work my makeup magic. It is pretty amazing what I can achieve as long as I am free of scabs/ broken skin on my face. As for my body-- I am not going to be able to wear the dress I had originally planned because it is low cut ( i.e. lots of boob action) and my chest is broken out -> Not exactly the look I am going for... So I am going to wear a turtle neck dress from american apparel, not as much skin shows (just legs), but it is super tight and flippin' hot. Let's just hope that nothing grows on my face today, and I should be set! I am glad my skin seems to have settled slightly must have been the power of positive thinking.

Other than the roommate that is getting married, all the other girls I live with are single (there are 6 of us), I have earned myself the nickname 'designated wing women' cause I will find us guys (or they will pick them out) and I am the one who will go and make contact, then introduce everyone... It should be interesting going out with a group of 15 women! The amount of shenanigans we will get into tonight will be great!

my skin: A few new ones on my cheeks, one under my chin, one above the lip on the left. The older ones are healing nicely though. I have done well in keeping my hands off the new ones for the most part!

side effects: Still itchy. Dry skin is beginning. My nose is peeling, I used a mild scrub to lift the dead skin and moisturized, it seemed to work okay, but came back at the end of the day. Also mild head aches, nothing bad though ( i haven't taken anything for them yet). And some pain in my feet, i noticed it when i was walking to the gym yesterday and thought it would be a problem, but I was able to do 2.5 miles on the treadmill and then my work out. And I got up this morning and ran as well and I was fine, so hopefully it was nothing.

weird stuff: I had a crazy nightmare last night! I have not had a nightmare in i don't even know how long! I don't know if it was from the tane or not. I will keep you posted if these continue!


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