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Day 15



Its been great so far! I still haven't had an initial breakout, in fact my skin is already clearing up! I have no new acne and all my preexisiting breakouts are healing. But I don't want to jinx anything by getting too excited! :D

All my blackheads have become really pronounced and it feels like they are slowly being pushed out of my skin. I can't help it, I'm so excited! I really hope my skin keeps improving! :D

So far my face has been pretty dry and my lips have been chapped, but its nothing I can't handle. My skins also been pretty red lately, I can't tell if its flushing fom the accutane or if I'm just burnt. I'm a swimmer and I'm very fair (i've red/blonde hair and blue eyes), so even though I put on waterproof sunscreen and zinc, I still manage to burn.

I'm happy to say I haven't noticed anyother side effects yet!

Wish me luck! :D

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Sweet!! You are on day 15, I am just behind you and on day 8 (also on 40 mg/day)... I am glad you haven't' had an IB yet, I am hoping to avoid one as well! Good luck with your treatment and keep posting so I can check out what to be expecting!

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