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ah.....TGIF everyone! I woke up this morning in a great mood, and part of it is because my face is looking a little better. I find myself anxious to shower at night so that I can put on my cream! :D

The first night I used it, I didn't really notice much of anything happening. BUt after reading some blogs yesterday I find that it might be because I moisturized BEFORE I put the Tretinoin on. So last night I used Tretinoin, and honestly didn't really need moisturizer. My face felt a little bit tight, but not too bad. And to be honest, I kinda like the feeling of my face feeling some what tight. Is that weird?

So.... this is morning two of the cream, and so far...things look to be inproving SLIGHTLY. When you have acne, you find yourself feeling your face the minute you wake up, and running to the mirror to have a look... :D

A little bit of dryness, but nothing that I can't cure with some moisturizer. I know that the "IB" is coming, but hopefully it won't be too bad, and for too long....My husband and I are going to the bahamas in April, and I'd love love love to be make up free for that!

Guess I better go to the store today and get some Cetaphil wash...everyone says it's supposed to be really gentle....Sounds like I'm going to need it....

More tomorrow!!


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