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day 8



I think i got ahead of myself!! my skin is starting to breakout now!

I have a huge, seriously huge, zit on my chin. its like three in one. And three cysts coming up on my cheek. A previous zit that was healing just all of a sudden got big again. I hate this!My stomach hurt this morning! I dont feel like myself. I get upset easily. Just kinda Blah! I dont wana say depressed, cuz that isnt the issue, the name for this feeling is just Blah! Im sitting here holding ice to my face.... wtfudge! seriously! enough with this already!

There is so much important stuff going on this month, this is going to be horrible!!!! I dont wana be seen in public

Ive still been poping my whiteheads.... is that bad?

I just wana curl up in a ball until 5months from now.

Someone give me some positive feeback please!

Is anyone else on day 7 or around there?

Thanks :D


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