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Days 1-23 on Spiro

Amber G


First, a little history.

I am a 35 y.o. F. Acne began at age 12. So I have 23 years of acne torture under my belt. I have always noticed a hormonal pattern to my acne-- with almost clear times shot down with the pre period and during period acne. I also see a flare up at ovulation sometimes. I have tried Tetracycline, bactroban, low dose progesterone BCP, topical progesterone creams, Murad, Proacitve, Probiotics (by mouth and topical), mud masks, fasts, cleases, steaming, cold laser therapy, AHA's, retin-A, sulfur lotions, silver solutions, removed dairy and fish and fruit and sugar combinations from my diet after food intolerance testing at the naturopath, along with all the supplements you could think of. And no surprise to all of you...None of it has worked.

I found Spiro therapy on the web site of some very expensive Dermatologist in NY- Went to see my family Dr (whom I know personally) and he was willing to give it a shot. In the process I have found this web site and have really appreciated all of your posts. So far, I estimate Spiro to be the ticket for about 3/4 of us.

I will take you on my journey with Spiro. Hopefully if we come together we can gain hope, wisdom, and encouragement.

I started Spiro on Feb 15 th 2010.

Side Effects for me have been not so fun, but I am hoping my body adjusts and I notice less SE over time.

SE Include:

Almost extreme fatigue, depressed mood, lack of motivation, frequent urination, increased thirst, dry lips, some nausea, decreased libido. The sluggish lazy feeling is the worst SE for me. I have lots to do- and usually get so much done-- My will to conquer the mountains of my life has definitely waned (this is temporaty I hope!)

Also- I am experiencing what I have to describe as an initial flare-up. Starting around week one

I broke out. Which to me sucks, but really is no big deal-- we always break out right! Go with the flow. At least this breakout has a light at the end of the tunnel. This 1st breakout had'n't even healed when I got my second one around week 2.5-3. This time I broke out in strange new places; like I got one in the bag of my eye-- who breaks out there!?! What a glowing combination of wrinkles and acne I have to present to the world. What is going on. My self-esteem struggles to stay afloat...

Despite all of this; it is my thinking that this change may be positive... why you ask? Well b/c it is a "change". It is not the some old predictible miserable pattern. Maybe things are on the shift.

(Though- that eye lesion (I call it) was very very embarrasing. I was signing a contract for a mini promotion at work and had to fight to stay focused on the conversation with my boss and co- workers. I always worry about what they think of my icky skin- I feel like they think it is somehow my fault -- that if I would just wash may face more or try "Proactive" (HA!) that my skin would be normal like theirs. Well it is not my fault I have tried everything people.... Boy we sure have to be strong to face the world with our problem skin. It is making us stronger)

Today is day 23. Skin is healing from breakouts 1 and 2. Some new white heads on cheeks and the usual black heads on chin and nose. Skin is no better yet, but the night is still young.

FYI : around the time of my first IBO I missed a dose of spiro (then 25mg twice daily). This may have contributed to my breakout- I now plan to take it on time at 10am and 10pm. Also, I now take 50mg twice per day. It seems to me that the dose must be a least 100 mg daily to get initial control. Once my skin is better (see I am very hopeful) my plan is to decrease the dose back down to 50 mg per day. We'll see. :D

Hang in there all. And Keep your head up, acne does not define you! You (your inner light) define you.


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