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The waiting game



Mood: :D

Day: 30

I was suppose to be done my 1 month on the 9th of March but Bc I'm still away from home I am still stuck on my 30th augh! But I lowered my dose as I mentioned so am still taking the tane everyday...but I won't have any come tom :D I have my doc's appt on Monday so by then everything will be right on track!

I am finally going home today!~ super excited... I can't wait to get my new prescription filled! I can't wait to sleep on my own bed ahhh~ the little things we take for granted! When I'm home I'm going to change my eating habits and I'm going to work out more. I haven't done any physical exercise for a long time. I feel so sluggish.. I've been eating out every day and I feel so tired so easily. I'm afraid to jump on the scale...eeek!

As for my physical health exam, I think I did well~ it took one hour! I had to do sight, hearing and drug test on top of everything else...hopefully i pass everything. I gotten ths far in this job process despite having acne and being uncomfortable. I am very proud that I was able to combat all the insecurities and whatever happens, happens for a reason. I have to wait 3 more weeks until I hear the final verdict..So .the waitin game begins! But I have been patiently waiting for accutane to do it's magic so i believe I have mastered the skill of being patient. :D

My skin has gotten a lot better than when I started accutane. Usually when I wake up is qhen I notice a difference the most. My face feels less bumpy...I see improvements so i'm so thankful...2 of my friends who had taken accutane didn't work for them it made both of them so sick and nauseous that they both had to stop. So all of us who are on the tane keep your head up Bc there are ppl out there who can't even take it...


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