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Week 2



Week 1 has come and gone fairly uneventfully, I sort of wish I had something amazing to write but I don't so I'll just blab away - feel free to read on. I'm on 60mg per day now and my lips have started to get slightly drier and my skin seems to be a bit red. It's the end of summer here in Australia so it's still warm and I did notice that my face was really oilly looking the past couple of days as well (more than usual) ...anyone else notice that when they first start a course???

I went to a friends party the other night and I was planning to not drink but I got a little carried away and ended up pretty drunk. Had a big hangover the next day which I'm completely not suprised by, I just have to make sure I don't drink that much next time.

I mentioned in an earlier post that i'm using pawpaw oinment instead of lip palm, any of you guys tried this stuff? It seems to be working really well.

I've got a 3 week holiday starting next week, diving and then camping in the outback. I'm a bit worried as there will be limited facilities for washing my face and I'm sure i'll get pretty dirty. Fingers crossed that i get through it without any major breakouts.

Well until next week...


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