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Day 6



OKay sooooo IM excited I got some new products for my accutane skin!

Skin Resource MD- Facial Cleansing Gel SF

Skin Resource MD- Oil Free Hydrating Fluid

Both, in ginger's words, "they will baby your skin while on accutane", yes! her name was ginger!

ANd then I got Jane irrdel pressed mineral powder! I loved the coverage, and I have bad scars too. I guess this pwder is enough to use as sunscreen in its self.

Anyways for side effects..... dun dun dun... : I really dont feel like I have had any yet!

The biggest thing is that my back hurts more than usual. It cracks alot, and I have to stretch alot through out the day! My skin isnt breakingout more than usual, I feel like it has gotten smoother. But I have noticed that where I have had cysts under my skin forever that they are starting to hurt. So maybe stuff is starting to surface. Eeeeeek, Im so scared of that. But I guess if my skins already bad whats a few more zits, right?

Ginger also said that alot of accutane users continue using their acne products until they start seeing the effects. I guess this makes your IB worse or causes it! She said to use the gentlest products, cleanser and moisterizer, thats it!

So im stickn to it!

I also have had alot of energy. I have been more motivated to climb the mountain by my house latly. I think maybe because I know the damage that is being done to my body from accutane and I want to keep my liver and body as healthy as possible.

Well thats all for now. Please Lord keep me on the road to normal skin. :D Amen


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