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Day 28



Day 28

Wow, one month down!

It's been about two weeks since my last update and have to say it's been smooth sailing.

Skin: I have a few random small white heads pop up here and there but they quickly leave. I've managed my dry skin very well. The combination of Jojoba oil and La Roche moisturizer I’m using has worked! Just twice a day and my skin isn't dry at all! I got my aquaphor and even mixed it with a dark lip gloss so now I have a pretty pink aquaphor lip balm, I apply fairly often, but it keeps my lips soft and kissable (hehe).

Only complaint is occasional redness in the cheeks/nose area.

I used to have to wash my hair daily....now only every second day...BONUS!

No joint pain....and I've actually increased my workout intensity!

Crazy dreams continue.

My blood tests came back and they were excellent! (and I've continued my drinking habits...shhhh)


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