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Week Eight: Day Fifty-six



So today was definitely better then yesterday. I could play in band, (not significantly well after a while and I blew my lips out) without any lip-zit pain. The AHA+ did wonders! It made the head HUGE at first but then it withered until it was very small by the next day. Hurray :D

As for my personal life its,...adequate. More than adequate in most cases, but kinda blech. I still don't think anything is going to happen but you know, who knows? I don't have very much homework but just enough where its kind of,..BLLLEEECCCHHH XP

Thats going to turn into my catch phrase somehow I swear

But yeah, not much to report. My skin's maintaining well. The dark spots have gradually decreased but are still prominent. I'm almost done with that gift for my friend/ex-friend (hopefully soon to be friend again)

I want to apologize to them,...I hope this counts as an apology. I know we were both at fault, him more so then me and I can easily justify what I did wrong but,...I hate thinking someone's mad at me.

Anyways I'm really tired,...though sleeping would mean being up all night, even though I tend to magically wake up when I go to bed anyways. Inconvenient.

EDIT: Hurray! I got back from a thirty minute award ceremony (including travel and waiting for people to show up time!) and turns out I won a certificate, ribbon, and twenty dollar visa giftcard for my composition ^.^

I used the money to buy sunscreen and came out with 2 bucks left =3 I'll be using it for somethin'!

I also posted a forum trying to figure out what PURGE means. I thought it meant to make yourself throw up or like what Hitler did to most of Europe, but people here use it in different context then what fits my definition


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