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Week Eight: Day Fifty-Five



I don't know if this is due to AHA or not but I broke out with three really small zits right on my nose. I also have this BIG papule on my lip where my mouthpiece from my trumpet goes. So I guess thats a disadvantage of the Regimen vs Accutane for me: Accutane will ideally keep me from breaking out, period. The Regimen cannot completely halt breakouts but it reduces them and is safe and effective for me. But constant irritation, like playing trumpet, results in painful pimple right above the lip so its full of blood! I couldn't even play in band today and we have festival this friday! (music competition)

It doesn't hurt as bad now but I still put some AHA on it (AHA did make it go to a head TONS quicker so hopefully it'll make it heal quicker too).

As for my day,...it wasn't the best day I've had. Wasn't the worst either. For some reason this person I have strong feelings for (relationship didnt work out for me) smiled awkwardly and said good morning to me, but a few minutes later when we passed each other again it felt as if he was radiating death.

Guess I should calm down though, its probably not about me.

Then this other person I like was kind of mean to me today. It made me all muur for a while but then I convinced myself it didn't matter because I DON'T like him. See I do but I REALLY don't want to because he doesn't seem like the type who dates and I don't want to get hurt again, but sometimes its just hard not to.

Idk, maybe its just because its a Monday so everyone was cranky. I know I wasn't in such a hot mood either the majority of the day.

So anyways thats enough of my personal thoughts. I still have some hw to do. I have an award ceremony to go to tomorrow,... :D


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