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Is 28 days enough...?



K well good news I'm pretty sure I am starting accutane next Monday!!!! Also that scab on my face went away and now there is a tiny little red mark but I'm pretty sure it will go completely away in time. Sooo yay! haha. Anyway, I need to know if this work. So, I was reading through the ipledge booklet and it said you only have to be on birth control for 1 month before accutane not two. So my mom is going to call my derm. today and try to get an appointmemt for next Monday. Cause Monday will mark day 28 (the last pill in the pack) of my bc pills so that would count as one month right? And I know you have to take your 2nd pregnancy test during the first 5 days of your period and Monday will be the fourth day of my period so that will all work out right? I know its cutting it close and everything but I DO NOT want to have to wait until my next period to get my pills. So does anyone know if 28 days is a long enough time on birth control to go on accutane? And when you got your 2nd pregnancy test were you/do you have to be on your period? Also one last question. Do you get your prescription before or after your blood test? And do you get a blood test the same days as your appointment/pregnancy test? Thanks!!! <3 -Haley(:

wow i talk a lot! :D

EDIT: Please someone reply!! I need to let my mom know if she should make the appointment for monday or not!! thanks in advance!!


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