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1 week

Zach Griffith


First week on Accutane...

Well the first few days i didnt really notice anything except for a couple headaches, but within the last couple days my lips have become really really dry. Im using blistex and a balm, which is really helping. I think my initial breakout has come earlier than most. On day 3 i started getting multiple cysts on my jaw line and chin. Now its day 6-7 and they are healing, but very slowly, I have also received a couple pimples on my cheeks and around my mouth. My skin looks pretty rough right now. I have the cysts and larger pimples, but it seems like all over my face are little bitty zits that are under the skin, very bumpy texture. hopefully its just the accutane working to push everything out :D Right now my skin is starting to get pretty dry around the jaw line where the cysts are. Other than that everything is going alright i guess... I'm trying to stay home as much as i can right now though :D


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