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week 3



Week 3 and everything is going well.

My skin is pretty much clear apart from one or two spots on the left cheek and 4 or 5 on the right cheek/right side of chin. I feel really good! I have always worn make up - a thick layer of foundation, concealer and powder every day, sometimes using 2 or 3 different foundations, and it did improve how i looked a million per cent - (you couldn't see my scars or rosacea) but at the same time you could still see the many many bumps all over my face. Now because everywhere is basically clear, my make up looks really good. My mum described it as "immaculate", and usually she tells me, and i quote, "you look like you've been dragged through a sand storm." (I know!) So i feel pretty happy.

Although (and i know it's only been 3 weeks, but still) i am still getting spots. I know it's only the occasional one and there more or less staying away from my cheeks, but i'm getting them like in a line from just next to my nose down to my chin. Just 4 or 5, like i said, but i would have thought they would have gone too? Do you think they will go in time as well? The thing is i think when you suffer from acne it can be easy to settle for anything less than what you usually put up with. So, for me my spots have gone down considerably, and i feel like i should just county my blessings (and i do feel really happy and grateful and a lot more confident) but my skin is still waaaaay worse than pretty much everyone i know. So i'm really hoping as i continue the course those spots will also go.

My back and joint pain is worse - this morning i had to stop walking because it hurt so much, and i can't do exercises like lunges as it's too painful. My skin is also really dry. There are patches which i can shift with a bit of my Ceraben, but there is also areas under my eyes and on my cheeks which don't seem to go at all! It's not massively noticeable but it's a bit annoying.

I know when you go on Roaccutane, the main thing people say is that you will have dry lips, and i kinda thought that it would be manageable. But it is a real pain and i'm sure i look really wierd to everyone because i have to apply lip balm approximately every 5 minutes (leave it any longer and they just feel really sore)

Otherwise everything is going good in Lola World! My family have all been commenting on my skin, even though before they said nothing and i feel a lot more confident and have made some new friends recently. I feel like finally my teenage years are looking good. Until next time,



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