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I can't believe one month has gone by already, it seems like it flew. I've only had a few sips of alcohol and I really only miss beer alot haha.

So my lips are dry alot and crusty, but I use vaseline on them and that seems to be the only thing that works the fastest and longest. My skin is a little dry, but nothing terrible.

I'm going up to two 30mg pills per day, so that may increase the drying, but hey I want to kick this thing!

So my skin is soo much softer and easier to moisturize than even a month ago, it's visually less red and inflamed. I've been told by so many people my skin has improved ALOT, and that really makes me believe my days with acne are going to end.

So I'm having a bit of a break out on my left cheek right now, but I am on my period, and hey the zits have to come out right? I'm just really happy with my results after only one month and I can't even imagine what it will be like after two!

Check out my album and see my progress.


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I'm almost done my one month too!~ Isn't it a great feeling? I'm glad to hear you had great improvements so far!

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