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Day 133



Still breaking out. Presently I have 6 active spots 5 of which are cysts. 3 of which are huge! My skin looks like it's starting to heal in areas that are clear but still many white heads under the skin that have to break thru. Wow, this is my 5th month and I have such a long way to go still. Kinda sux but I've decided I'm just gunna be whatever about it. It's completely out of my hands. No sense beating myself up about it. I have good news. I went to an allergist who specializes in food allergies and he said there is absolutely no correlation between what you eat and acne. He says that used to be the belief but that was debunked. Studies show that is not the case. The only time you may see skin changes from a particular food is if after you eat something you have severe itching, hives, or breathing problems. So that's great news for me cuz I was so sad about possibly having to give up my daily bagel with cream cheese and coffee light and sweet.

I can't wait till I see my new derm in two weeks and he ups my dose. This dose decrease has really messed things up for me. Some of these cysts on my face have been there over a week and a half. They just aren't drying up. So hopefully when he increases my dose everything will finally dry up and go away. I have to stress how easy it was to change derms on the i pledge system. I urge anyone who is not happy with their progress to get a 2nd opinion and if need be switch derms. It doesn't change anything else and it was very easy.

Oh more good news. My testosterone level is at 53 which I think is within normal range. I have to call the Endocrinologist office tomorrow to see how I proceed. So maybe now things will fall into place without all that testosterone fighting the accutane every step of the way. I'm thinking he may want me to start the aldactone but I'll have to check with the derm 1st to see if he's ok with that. I guess I'll know more tomorrow.


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