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Week Eight: Day Fifty-Four



Alright, so I haven't been flaky at all :D!!! Needless to say the AHA+ worked wonders on my skin.

(Note: the rest of this entry does not actually pertain to skin! Lawlz, I should rename this blog my diary with bits of Regimen experience.)

So turns out I actually had homework in all my classes,..yup even gym. XD Whhheee. If gym ends up being the only grade on my report card thats not an A I will be PISSED. I mean sure, math is one thing. But GYM? I had a freakin' sinus+ear+bronchial infection! >.< Doctors notes should excuse you from doing make ups too. I will have no life. It will be all exercise and icing my muscles from overexerting myself with FOUR HOURS of that stuff a day! (I got approved to go back to track after spring break :D)

Oh well.

So all I have left to do today is historical concepts, map, spanish, math, and I should clean my room.

I've also been working on this REALLY cool red knitted thing for a friend's birthday. He and I have a complicated relationship that frequently changes. I hope to make peace and be friends before next year. I heard he wasn't doing band and thats really the only time I ever see him, so if I don't make amends now chances are I'll never be able to :D

The best possible thing is to actually end up being GOOD friends again without going forward. Then maybe our friendship won't stop at highschool like I thought it would. That would be nice. Friends are more important then boyfriend/girlfriends anyways, for those in highschool are usually very temporary. I wish I would of known that my freshmen year. Well I knew it, but I wish I would of believed it. I miss my friend :D


In my own special way of extravagant hand made gift. XD

I still wonder if its possible to love someone and actually let them go.

It seems like being friends and seeing them with their next gf would be really hard to do,..

Guess I still have some growing up to do. A lot of it.


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