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Accupuncture and Nutrionist?



Day 2

So a lot is going on. I went to the Natural Medicine Center (which is a part of my insurance provider) to sign up for treatments for my back and joint pain. I was prescribed Acupuncture and two nutritional consultations.

Nutritional consultations? :D That means that I can possibly get a better grip on eating healthy! :D I eat oatmeal for breakfast when I have time, and try to cook healthfully for dinner, mostly some kind of chicken breast dish. I've still put on a few pounds this winter and give in to the occasional sugar craving (rugelach anyone?). Very excited to try this, as I've been reading about how diet is related to acne and breakouts.

Not so sure about the acupuncture though... :D

About the regimen; the Soft Touch Nutrimoist Face Lotion for Oily skin apparently has a pore clogging ingredient: Wheat germ oil. GRRRRR. It was 'spensive too :D

I must have subconsciously suspected something, as I perused for more info on glycolic acid gels available locally here in Israel today. I found Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel 2% Salycylic Acid 10% Glycolic Acid and I ordered it after reading reviews on Sephora.com and Makeup Alley. So I guess that will replace the now irrelevant cream. And it's much more potent, since the cream I bought had no percentage of AHA, just "contained" it.

It's arriving by messenger tomorrow! :D

By now I've invested significant money into this regimen, so I plan on sticking with it for a few months - or at least until I run out!

Tonight I accidentally left the BP on for a minute or two longer, and boy, did it SHOW! I have pretty tough skin, I rarely get dryness from acne products, and this left me with what looked like a slight sunburn. OOPS! I'll be sure to stay diligent from now on... :D


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