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Yay~ made it to round 3!



Mood: :D

Day: 27

I am feeling really happy! I did my second interview and I made it to round 3! Round 3 is the physical health test... My appointment is next week. I'm just a little nervous about it, hopefully me being on accutane won't affect the results. During the interview I felt...confident. But it was a different kind of confidence. Of course my acne worries were on my mind however I tried not thinking about it. It worked. I just kept on thinking out of 7000 applicants and there are only 200 positions Why can't one of them be mine? I am so close...but after the physical test, the waiting game begins.

It's interesting where life takes us... Even a year ago, I would never have thought I would apply to a job like the one I applied! It's just a completely different field than my previous jobs. I guess having a broad range of experience in different fields of career will only make you grow and make you unique. I am so happy that the interviewers looked past my acne and focused on the things that made me who I am...

So because I am still away from home and I won't be back till next week, I decided to lower my dose to 20mg from 30mg. My one month of being on accutane is fast approaching and the problem is I won't be home in time to start month two. I need time to get blood work done, see the doctor, get a new prescription filled, all the fun stuff. So basically I would be missing about 4-5 days of accutane because I lowered my dose I could shorten the days of being off accutane to just 2-3 days. I really don't want to go a day without taking this medication Bc it means I will complete my journey longer than planned. But at this point I really don't have a choice!

I don't feel a difference because I lowered my dose and I haven't broken out. Phew~ my lips are still dry and my eyes are a bit dry too... I can still wear contact lens but after 6 hours it gets uncomfortable. As for my chest, it's gotten better but I still feel some pain but definitely not as strong as before. There are a few whiteheads popping here and there but after I shower it either goes away or goes away by me picking at it... Not with my fingers of course but w a whitehead extracting tool that facial clinics and skin care professionals use. Hah I bought one recently an it's been working like a charm! Just like it says, it rolls out the whiteheads! I find it quickens the healing time. Anyways I feel and see that my skin is improving day by day. And for that I am already grateful ! Have an awesome weekend everyone! Best of luck on your progress!~


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