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Day 9



Day 9

Sooo this is day 9. Everything is going about the same from 4 days ago when I last posted. The only thing I have noticed that is different from my last post is that my lips started to crack around day 7. BUT once I put aquaphor on them, the crack went away by the next day. I don't know if I am every going to get really dry/cracked skin/lips because I am being proactive about constantly reapplying lotion on my skin and aquaphor on my lips. When my lips started to crack, I think it was because that day I worked and I was too busy to have time to reapply the aquaphor :D

Another thing I have noticed is that I more bloody boogers when I blow my nose in the morning... ewwww :D The inside of my nose is soo dry! I am buying vaseline tonight to put in my nostrils lol.

My skin still feels like I have a sunburn, but it's not as bad as before. But my skin still feels tight (maybe because it is more dry than usual??)

I am going to spray tan tomorrow! Wish me luck! I hope it works out okay because I know since my skin is a little drier, that the spray tan will begin to come off funny. Hopefully it doesn't.

The reason I am spray tanning is because my 21st birthdayyyyy is Tuesday! And I can't drink :D . Do you think it would be okay to have one glass of wine on my birthday?! I know my liver is healthy lol. I think it can take it :D.

Oh and my Accutane induced rash went away! Yay! I put a lot of Cetaphil moisturizing creme and cortisone cream on it. It does begin to flare up when I wash my hands or get outta the shower now, but that's better than it constantly being there.

I want to add pictures, but I don't know how?? Lol... can someone tell me how? Why do I need a URL link to add a picture? Also in "my signature," how do I add the link to my blog? I tried to hit "insert link" and then I would copy and paste the URL to my blog but it never worked.

Thank you for any replies :D


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