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Day 9 - 07.03.10



Havent updated in a few days, sorry been really busy with work and had two assignments due this week. Ok some big changes since my last post. Firstly my skin did not stay clear like i had hoped, Friday was probably the worst day. Its almost that time of the month so i usually get a break out about now anyway but it was if my whole jaw line was covered it was really horrible. One of the ladies from work who i have told about the medication said to me on friday "aren't you on medication for your skin, I dont think its working its looking worse!" It was embarrassing and i had to explain to her that usually it does get a little worse before it gets better.

On top of this my lips have been so dry and split really badly in one corner... looks like i have a coldsore from a distance.. yuck!!

But today, everything is looking so much better, the pimples that were there before have all dried up and just left tiny patches of dry skin and i only have one active pimple of my face in the middle of my chin, but oh well. I can tell that even this one is going down heaps more quickly than it usually would. And the best part about today is that i think my lips are finally adjusting to the accutane. They feel so much better. I have actually been using sorbelene on my lips just layering it on in the morning and then letting it sink it. I use the vaseline lip therapy + a lip balm during the day but this alone didnt help, the sorbelene makes a wonderful diffference if you use it morning and night!

The sorbelene I use it by punkett's and it has vitamin e added to it, you can also get one with aloe vera but i thought vitamin e would be better for dry skin. This stuff is just great, its a soap substitute meaning you can use it to wash in the shower, as a cleanser, as a makeup remover (even eyes) and as a mousturiser and it is sooo cheap just $5.99 for a reasonable sized bottle! I would definately recommend this if you can get your hands on some!


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