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Week Eight: Day Fifty-Three



Ok so I used the AHA+ to moisturize,...^.^;

I know I said I'd only use it to spot treat but I guess I lied.

I don't notice many SIGNIFICANT differences

The only differences I notice may be all in my imagination,

but something I did notice was despite the fact I used very little AHA+ (a very thin line)

somehow my face was not tight or flaky in the morning (it was a little flaky but not REALLY flaky like its gotten before if I skipped moisturizing) So the AHA+ is a very good moisturizer in my book. I look forward to being able to use the full amount recommended :D

It stung a little bit and my face felt warm (Not to touch but it almost felt like it was on fire with very minimal pain)

Anyways I have hot chili cool jazz in a few hours or so and a LOT of homework I reaaally don't want to do. Lets see,..three assignments for history,...or was it two,...something for spanish that will have to wait because I forget what it was,...nothing I remember for english,....and math.

Zippity doo dah :D


I REALLY don't want to do history homework. Gaaaah. But I have to if I want to catch up. Guess I might do some math now, and the rest of my hw tomorrow. ooooiiii

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

My skin's doing good. Eh. Nothing real OH YEAH I'M WRITING A NEW SONG

Its a piece for piano,..I like how it sounds so far but I always have to be real careful I'm not subconsciously ripping someone off,..haha >w<


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