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Week Eight: Day Fifty-two



Woohoo! The AHA+ and a new regimen starter kit is here!!!!!!!

The only product I ran out of was the cleanser though so I'm going to have extra treatment and moisturizer like, always 'cause I like saving by ordering all three at once XD

I tested out the AHA+ under my aw last night. I expected it to be REALLY flaky but nope, not even flaky. In fact it felt smooth and,..lush? I'm not sure how to describe it. Moisturized! And it didn't even sting!

So that made me kind of suspicious,..I could use it on my face,

buuut I don't have sunscreen yet and I'm worried about the sensitivity

So I'm going to use it tomorrow night :D

I'm not leaving the house sunday. So if it goes bad on my skin I can hopefully resolve it and I won't get sunburned. :D

Its soooo tempting to use it tonight though!

Maybe I will

I don't need to be anywhere until three anyways!

Errgghh but I don't wanna get sunburned!

Taxing decisions yes.

But my skin looks great!

I'm looking forward to having it dark mark free :D

Edit: screw, I'm trying it tonight!!! Like I'll be out in the sun THAT much,..

ohhhh T_T

I'm torn!! Grr!

Okay fine, compromise.

I'll use it to SPOT TREAT. That may be smart 'cause I have this stupid zit right on the lining of my upper lip where I have to put my trumpet mouthpiece and it HUURTTSS. I have a three hour concert/chili dinner thing tomorrow so I don't have a choice as to whether I play or not :\

Maybe it'll go away quicker if I use AHA and it won't hurt so bad.

Then I'll order sunscreen TUES and hopefully be using AHA soon. Like tomorrow night. Heheh.


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