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Sun, sun, mister golden sun



The sun is shining today...unfortunately this is not necessarily good news for me and my self esteem. It’s been a long running joke in my family that I am like a vampire. I don’t think anyone really gets the reasoning behind my aversion to sunshine...Like hello, my skin is horrible and it looks ten times worse in natural light!

Am I the only person that actually thinks about what lighting conditions I will be facing before I participate in something....I cannot wait till I can finally stop caring about such useless sh*t

As for my skin, I got home from work yesterday and was touching up my makeup before I went out again. Part of my routine is using like 3 or 4 of those oil absorbing sheets before I apply powder. Guess what, after a whole day at work I only needed to use 1!!! I’m super happy about this development.

As for those damn cysts, I’m happy to report they aren't getting worse, but they aren't really getting better either :D


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