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half way done! woot woot!! :D

I'm stoked to be half way done, but it is the weirdest feeling because at the same time I'm afraid to be off it. I guess I'm afraid it wont work, which is a little silly because I know it is...I'm totally being paranoid, but it's hard when you feel like this is your last hope. What happens if it doesn't work?

My sister's wedding is in a few weeks, in late March, I reeeeealllly hope my skin stays clear and looks good for it. Otherwise I guess I'll just have to pack on the make-up! I hate the feeling of cakeyness but with events like that, you don't really have a choice.

And in other news, my arms and lips are driving me crazy!!!! I really want this rash on my arm to go away! it hurts! It looks horrible! It is just annoying as hell. And my lip has a crack in it that if i forget to put chapstick on for a hour will open and bleed. Which is so hot. Especially if you are talking to an attractive guy (like I was the other day when he goes, "um, your lips bleeding." luckily we are friends so I wasn't too embarrassed.)

Hope everything is going well for everyone else :D



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