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Success at last!



I have been dealing with acne since I was 13. I have tried everything, from Proactiv, to more expensive products like Prescriptives. I have been on most medications, except Acutane, as I refuse to do that to my body with all those wonderful side effects.

I started Dan's regimen September first and have been VERY happy with it. Though my skin has been free of cystic acne, I have still been annoyed with plenty of blackheads and lots of clogged pores. After lots of research on how to get rid of this, I figured out I have "non-inflammed" acne...so here is what I am doing now and it works! So if you also have non-flammed acne you might want to try it...


Patricia Wexler M.D. acnescription exfoliating acne cleanser (you can get it at bath & body works)

Murad Clarifying toner

dime-sized amount of Dan's AHA

No foundation, but prescriptives concealer for any red spots or scars


Neutrogena's The Wave Duo

Prescriptives Sparkling face wash (to get off any residual mascara)

Murad Clarifying toner

dime-sized amount of Dan's AHA

(wait 15 minutes)

two pumps of Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide

I'm not saying that my acne is completely gone, but I don't get any red, painful breakouts and my skin feels great. I still have to go to get facials to clean out clogged pores, but my pores are the best they have EVER been. I've only been doing this exact regimen for the past week and a half but it has been very successful so far. Will keep posting updates!


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