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Week Eight: Day Fifty-One



Ok so the moisturizer stung a LITTLE bit last night. I didn't wait long enough for the BP to dry I think :\ (oopsie) Sooo I'm waited long today.

I had a fever this morning so I stayed home from school AGAIN

I'm going to do a few daily things like this blog and then I'm going to sort of build up a resources pile next to my bed.

If I stay in bed all the time chances are I'll fall asleep. And if I'm not sleepy then I'll be awake doing stuff like HW.

Ideally this will make it so that I stay in bed the majority of the day. I think the reason why its so hard for me to get rid of the cold part of the infection is that my days I was supposed to be resting I was trying to catch up by cleaning a lot.

See I don't really FEEL sick. It just hits me sometimes after I over do it. So I was going to talk to the coach today since she wasn't there yesterday but,...I don't think my dad will let me go to school.

So I'll try to go tomorrow.

People sort of depend on me in band, which is first period in the morning and zero period. I feel bad missing it. But I have no choice, thats the only class besides gym that feels bad to do when I'm this kind of sick (play trumpet, sinus infection, bad combo)

My ears feel inflated. I'm going to go eat and go to bed.

Wish me luck,..

Least my skin's doing amazing. The dark spots are getting smaller.


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