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Day 60



Two months counting and still smiling! :D

I can honestly say that I'm very happy that I tried this product. It really works! Althought it took some time, I think that my skin is healing by now. I haven't had any new spots this week, which is very good!

Because I was on vacation I didn't had the time to do the BP twice a day. I decided that I would only use it in the morning. At least that's better then not using it at all. At first I was avraid that once a day wouldn't be good enough, but it seemed to have worked. My skin cleared a lot this week! Maybe it is because it was so cold, or maybe because I had a lot of fresh air, or maybe because I bought a new moisterizer, or maybe just because. I don't know. But it's good! :D

Now that I'm back I'll do the BP twice a day again. I really think that this last month should do the trick. After three months you might expect some improvement, right? I guess time will show me.


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