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11 Weeks/ Vist To The Derm



Actually, tomorrow will mark 11 weeks that I've been on Tazorac... but who's counting.

I went to the derm today and again, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. During my last visit, he asked me if I thought the product was working. I was rather confused because he's the derm so shouldn't he be telling me if the product is working or not? This time, he didn't say it was working but, he didn't say it wasn't working. I told him that I was pleased with the product so far because the results are matching the progress that my research said I should be experiencing at this point. And he said that's what he likes to hear.

If I didn't need the derm to write my prescriptions, I wouldn't go at all. I pay a $50 co-pay to hear something that I could've told myself in the privacy of my own home. It somewhat pisses me off because I have to accept that he doesn't have much to say because there's no way he would remember me out of the hundreds of patients he helps in between visits. The system is crooked but, I guess you gotta' do what you gotta' do.

Needless to say, my derm visit wasn't that enlightening. But on the bright side, at least he didn't tell me it wasn't working or say anything negative about my progress. He has lowered my dosage of Minocycline to 50MG once a day, clindamyacin foam in the morning after washing my face and Taz 1.0 at night. He also advised me not to moisturize in the morning unless I absolutely need it. He said Taz dries some people out, but if it's not drying me out, I should only moisturize if I'll be in the sun and the moisturizer should include some sort of sunscreen. He didn't prescribe me any additional medication for hyperpigmentation because he said that he knows for a fact that Taz will take care of it. I was a little disappointed, but I went along with it.

My assessment is that this stuff is great. My skin is smooth (although I have two small pimples in an area where I've accidentally put Taz) and practically pimple free. My cheeks are my problem areas and are clear. The hyperpigmentation is so much better than it was compared to 10 weeks ago. It's still not where I would like it to be, but much better. I'm really looking forward to how my face will look after two more months when I visit the derm again. I hope I'm all clear.

Would I still recommend this product? Yes! I'm not disappointed by the progress at all. I would love perfect skin right now but Taz will not give you an overnight success story. It takes time!

Until next week...


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Hi there! I'm been reading your Taz journey and it is fascinating! This week I started back on Taz after being off for about 6years. You've given me encouragement as I also battle hyperpigmentation too! I'm not looking forward to the initial breakout period, but knowing there's light at the end of the tunnel is a beautiful thing. Just wanted to know which sunscreen you're currently using?Thanks in advance,Jen

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I'm happy to be of some encouragement to you. Although Taz didn't work as fast as I would like, I really think it's going to work for the long haul and battle my hormonal acne during times of stress. Currently, I'm not using any sunscreen because I'm not in the sun for long periods of time. In the past, I've used moisturizers with SPF 15 and the dark spots would never get any darker. Since I started using Taz, I've refrained from being in the sun for extended periods of time because I want to see if the product really works and I didn't want the sun to counteract my progress during the first 12 weeks. Also, I'm currently not using any moisturizer unless I desperately need it. My derm advised me not to use it despite what the Taz website says. And you know, I can see more of change. My skin isn't super oily to begin with, but it's not as oily and my skin is really clearing even more. I'll probably blog about that on Thursday when I hit 12 weeks. I hope you find great success using the product and I'll definitely keep posting so readers will know how the product is working for me post 12 weeks.

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