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Day 24



Soo haven't posted in a while, but alot has been happening! I've been getting so many compliments about how good my skin is looking, and how much less red it is! I'm on Day 24, and I'm seeing really good results. My forehead has been clear for a week and really smooth, my right cheek has no zits and is really smooth, my left cheek has about 4 zits on it but they're going away too. I am really pleased with my results, and know its just going to keep getting better. My back is also clearing up too, and am seeing my old zits going away. I still see some zits forming though.

My friends say they see a difference even from yesterday to today, and I'm psyched!

I am feeling alot of body pain though, especially in my lower back..but I can get over that

My lips and eyes are also dry..so it looks like I'm high all the time haha. oh well.

I haven't drank in almost a month and honestly I don't miss it that much.

I'm going to post photos to show my results so far.


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