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Pro's and Con's thus far



My skin pre accutane:

oily, uneven, whiteheads, scaring, cysts, bumps

I'd say 95% of my outbreaks are in the T zone, 5% jaw line

Outside the problem areas, my skin is actually pretty decent.

Treatment: 10mg/accutane day for two months...then possibly 20mg/day for 3 months

I've been taking it for just over two weeks now.


The dreaded side effects, I know I'm on a low dose but I still got them....headaches, sore lower back, small trace of blood after brushing teeth and blowing nose, dry lips. All of these are rather annoying, but manageable for now.

As for my skin, IB resulted in three large super sore cysts. Getting some breakouts in places I didn't before like on tip of my nose. My skins texture has lost its smoothness, now it is very bumpy and blotchy looking? Pores around my nose and forehead are huge!


Scaring...before my skin would take forever, like weeks even months to heal and scars to fade. I am honestly shocked at the difference. Yes, I am still breaking out but the spots are healing and fading (minus the damn cysts) at a record pace!

I know it is still early in the game, but I'm optimistic!


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