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Almost done



I should be done by now, but new work schedule, and other work related things. I keep waiting to take a pill until i eat, but i get so busy and forget to eat, or forget to take the pill.....anyways, have 4 days worth left....might take me 2 weeks to get through it.

Getting the occasional small pimple...seems to be the day after i forget to moisturize. Just about all the raised scars i had are gone.....just one left that's by my eyebrow and almost not noticeable.

Tendinitis in ankles are still bad....took a week off accutane and it almost went away.....started back on the accutane and took almost 2 months off weight lifting and it stayed. ....so i'm thinking thats the pill. Its not crippling bad....right now after a 12 hour day, i'm hobbling around, but not really too painful. Sometimes it flares up. Back track a bit, new years i went to this club / festival thing, danced for almost 7 hours straight, completely fine, but after the 30 minute car ride home i had trouble walking, was fine the following morning. So again, nothing that really affects me, more of an inconvenience.

All my toes on my left foot hurt, sorta a throbbing pain....i don't think it has anything to do with the pill, but i figured i'd just list it. If it was the pill, i dont' see why it wouldn't affect both feet. I didn't run into anything i can think of. Think it has more to do with the shoes i wear and trying to walk around in snow.

Hyperpigmentation is less than it was this time last year, but more than when i stopped doing the chemical peels.

Just ready to get some moisture back in my face, I just started applying for jobs again. Hoping to have a few interviews soon.


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