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Lemons & Milk of Magnesia, mmmm...



I added two new products to my regimen over the weekend. As you can guess from the title...lemons and milk of magnesia! I had mentioned before about starting to use lemon juice to work on my hyperpigmentation. But getting the MoM was kind of spur of the moment. I have UBER oily skin and am sooo over the whole "oil spill" look on my face day after day so...after doing a little research I discovered that MoM is apparently great for controlling oil production. Weird, 'cause it's a laxative. But, hey, I'm desperate and necessity is the mother of invention...and the killer of pride. So I ran out Saturday night (in the middle of a snowstorm. See? Definitely desperate.) to put this product to the test.

There are a bunch of different ways to use MoM - cleanser, mask, primer, etc. My intent was to use it as a primer underneath my makeup. I've been using it since Sunday and playing around with the amount I use and am still on the fence about this product. Yes, it's incredibly cheap and you get a huge amount, but I don't know if it's exactly rave-worthy. It does slow down my daily oil production, which is a huge plus, but by the time I head home for work around 4 I look about how I usually do. It does keep my face shine free longer than any other product I've used (about 4 hours or so) but, ultimately, I have the same end result. I think I'll keep using it because, like I said it's worked better than any other expensive primer or mattifier I've used but I didn't get the whole "10 hours of no shine" like some other people have experienced. I've been progressively using more and more each morning so I'm going to lay it on even thicker tomorrow and see what happens...

I've also been using the lemon juice nightly on my skin since Saturday. I bought three lemons, squeezed them to death, and put the juice in a little container I keep in the fridge. At night, I take a cotton ball, dip it in the juice and swipe it all over my lower face then leave it on the entire night and wash off in the morning. I tend to use quite a bit. I know people complain about the stinging and burning but I haven't really experienced either. It stings (a little) for about 5 seconds and that's pretty much it. However, I don't currently have any breakouts and I do have pretty hearty skin so that could be why. Putting it on an active pimple would probably hurt significantly more. As with the MoM, I'm still on the fence with this whole lemon thing. I think it's reduced the redness in my face a bit and my red marks look a bit lighter? kinda? But I'm not ready to sing from my rooftop just yet. I'm going to give this some more time though because fading marks is a lengthy process.

Since I've added these two products, my regimen has had one minor tweak. I no longer use BP at night because I don't want to put it on while the lemon is on my face. Not sure what kind of crazy reaction might take place...

Other than that, things are looking good. My skin is still clear and the pimple I had on my neck is gone. (thank you, BP) Really just focusing on post-acne clean-up for the most part...



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