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Day 128



So I went to a different derm today for a 2nd opinion. To start off, when I got out of my car in the parking lot I realized that I had forgotten my wallet on my husband's desk. No driver's license, no insurance card, no visa card. I had a panick attack and almost lost it. I called my husband crying and he said to calm down he would scan my license and insurance card and e mail it to the office. Thank God I had cash on me so I was able to pay my copay cuz you know they will not even give you the time of day otherwise. So this is how my life usually is. A freakin mess.

The Dr came into the room and started off by telling me no way I looked 40. I pretended to be shocked by that and then he said you know that! So back to my disgusting skin..... He said I should definitely have seen results by now and that only 1 in 100 people are resistant like me. Do you believe it... Lucky me, fu*# my life. This kind of crap always happens to me. He said that he would have given me the highest dose for my weight which is 60mg/day and doesn't understand why my Dr decreased my dose for this month. He also said that he does not let his patients use the Amnesteem generic. He considers it to be an inferior generic and has seen people worsen when switched to this generic. He said that in my case I'm probably going to be resistant so he would do the max which is 2mg/kg if no results on the 60mg/day and if I still have no positive results we can take a break and restart full on again after a couple of months and that should definitely do the trick. He also said I should be using a topical on the beauties that keep popping up so they can dry up quicker. He wrote me a prescription for Clindamycin gel to apply once a day to active spots. He looked at my face and said that I have a lot of white heads under the skin which need to push through. Wow... this terrifies me because I can see no less than 100 of these and they have been getting infected and coming out. I wish they would just all explode all at once I swear. I'm so over this crap.

Well I gotta say I liked what he said and decided to switch to him. By the way, he said I could easily pass for 28 before he left the room to get his nurse. Not bad considering my face is absolutely grotesque, I had no make up on, and this is coming from a dermatologist. So my face may be full of zits and bumpier than the surface of the moon but at least I look young!!!

So I changed my prescriber on the I pledge and now I have to continue the Amnesteem 40mg a day until I go for my labs for this month which is due on the 15th and I see him on the 17th for a new RX for Claravis brand 60mg/day. Let's hope that finally does the trick. I have my fingers crossed.


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