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Week Seven: Day Forty-Nine



Tomorrow will be fifty days and right on the button for a new week! So I'll try to get it as close to the first pic as I can, more so then the others hopefully, so it can serve as a real good comparison for SEVEN FULL WEEKS and FIFTY FULL DAYS :D.

7x7=49,..so I guess technically it'll be like,..forty-nine and a half full days,..whatever XDD

Wow. Its really kinda something for me to have stuck with a program for that long. I only missed one application and its because I slept through it. (Which hopefully will NEVER happen again because some acne-acne started to rise but its being subdued)

I'm also running out of cleanser fairly quickly. I'm hoping it'll last until thurs or fri though :D

I must of used lots of cleanser because I have plenty of moisturizer and treatment left,..though I guess thats because I skipped moisturizing at night every now and then and didn't use the full amount of the treatment for a while,..

Which means I'll always be running short on cleanser! Whheee XP

Unless I purchase an extra bottle,..but I really don't want to do much purchasing for at least a couple months,..

So yeah. I was putting on moisturizer this morning (full pump, NO STING) and I felt a feeling similar to surprise and love when I saw my face. Even when my cheeks are still partially riddled with dark spots,.and a new zit up by eye,,..it looks so much better. If it continues to improve I bet I'll have amazing skin before the end of month three :D. I'm already approaching it too!! Its March 2, my Regimen Anniversary is on the 13th :D. The AHA+ will probably speed things along once it comes too. I think I'll skip using it as a night time moisturizer on tues and weds FOR SURE so I'll probably use it on Mon, Thurs, and Sat or something. To start out. I need to test it first like the say to make sure my skin doesn't react badly. Maybe I'll use it on my back too but then I'd need a LOT more because that acne cascades down to the small of my back as well as draping itself over my shoulders and over my chest,..blarf. At least its winter, no one'll see it.

EDIT: IMA MEMBER! NOT A NEWBIE ANYMORE HAHA just thought I'd have a miny celebration on my overly long blog here :D


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