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The first four days: I didn't know what to expect, now I know



OK so the first four days on Isosupra Lidose ... were NOT easy... 32gm/day

I felt tired, drowsy, sleepy and I could hardly concentrate at work ... energy levels down to minimum... I felt a bit down and out of it.

I took it with lunch around 2-3pm ..

I developed this cough and soar throat since day one, that feels like the start of a cold, except that it's not... It's new to me, so most probably it's a side effect. I hope it goes away soon I don't want to have it for the next 5 months. That's the worst thing so far..

Today the fourth day, I think my body is starting to get used to the meds, so I feel although still a bit tired I am not as sleepy and drowsy energy levels are up again and it felt like a normal day... Laughing helps a lot :D

I've been drinking water like crazy, I am thirsty all the time!

Just today I felt I'm starting to get less oily than usual, and my hair is less greasy, but i'm no where near the dryness I am expecting. But just today some parts of my body are getting somewhat itchy like my hands and legs and a bit down there :S...

I'm using carmex on my lips althouhg they are not that dry.. that's about it..

Today I went out and bought Hydraction from Dior it's an ultra hydrant with sun protection spf 20 and a tint. I'm thinking it would double for a cover and a moisturizer.. It felt so nice when I tested it at the shop although a bit pricey.

I have mild acne on my face, some times moderate, but my main problem is back acne .. it's bad.. it has been there for at least 11 years and nothing works on it...I am just tired of it and want it gone...

I can't speak of progress.. my skin might be 10% better now.. but maybe that's just my optimism...

Oh and today I bought wild salmon fish oil supplement (jamieson) and i intend to take it with the isosupra lidose..


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