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Sunscreen – To wear or not to wear?



Go to any skin care site or any of the makeup “gurus†on youtube, you will see them harping about wearing sunscreen everyday to prevent sun damage and aging. But you will also plenty of sites like these which say that wearing sunscreen can actually do more harm than good, especially chemical sunscreens containing avobenzene, oxybenzone etc.


It seems physical sunscreens based on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are somewhat more safe, but these substances leave a white cast on the face, which let’s admit is not really pretty.

I have tried both chemical and physical sunscreens and have found that chemical sunscreens make my face very oily. It’s probably because chemical sunscreens cause chemical reactions and degrade when exposed to sunlight whereas physical sunscreens just block and reflect sunlight. But physical sunscreens do leave a white cast on my face.

So anyway I have decided not to wear any sunscreen now. As a person living in Canada, we don’t get much sunlight anyway. And I think it’s healthy to get a moderate amount of sunlight everyday. Of course sun bathing everyday for hours together may not be healthy but moderate amount of sun exposure for 1 hour or so everyday can be very good as it helps your body to generate Vitamin D. And frankly I get a general sense of well being when I am out in the Sun everyday for some time. It makes me feel more alive and energetic. And come to think of it, people living 100 years ago didn’t wear any sunscreen and they survived fine. Personally I feel nature has not meant for us to be cooped up inside the house or office all the time. It is natural for us to be outside in the Sun everyday atleast for some time and I love the feeling of the warm Sun on my face and I believe it also helps keep my face clear. I mean Sun is a very effective killer of P.acnes and so moderate amount of sunlight can be very good :D


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