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4th Month (Day 121) - Accutane




I went and got my two viles of blood drawn this morning (prego test and liver/health test) and got my prescription right after. I am going to go get it filled tomorrow! :D

Still taking 80 mg a day (one 40 mg with breakfast/one 40 mg before bed). My Derma said that he thought this 5th month would be my final month, but this morning when he looked at my face he said, probably two more months, so I'd be done April 30th. ahhhhh, I can't wait until then. I feel like Accutane is taking a tole on my body slightly, but it could be all in my head. I feel like I'm puffing up a little bit, maybe it's water weight my body is retaining because it's so dry? ha, I'm no doctor so I really have no clue. Maybe I should just hit the gym more. :D When my uncle was on accutane he said he got puffy too. lol. ewe, I don't like that word, puffy. :D

If you look under my galleries, you can see that my skin has a lot of scars from old acne, you can really tell that I was on accutane. I'm REALLLLLY hoping I find a solution to make my face baby smooth again. I should probably keep dreaming, it's ruined. :D But it's better than being ruined and full of active acne. I'm so thankful for my clear skin, it makes life so much easier. I used to hate my skin SO much, now I like my skin and hopefully one day I can say I love my skin! ahh wishful thinking!

I'm hopeful this 5th month on accutane will bring great things! :D

Happy 4 month Anniversary Accutane, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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