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Day 4 - 02.03.10 ...WOW!



Ok so yesterday morning i woke up and looked in the mirror and my skin was soooo dry and had started to flake around the pimples on my chin.. i looked like a freak but didnt really care because I understand thats how accutane works.

Today I woke up and it was even worse but i took a shower and used my magic peeling glove really softly on my face which is amazing, it god rid of all of the dead skin without making my face raw or anything and then i slapped on some vitamin e cream. After this i could have a proper look at my skin and i was sooooo happy. I have almost no pimples and my face looks so clear!! For some reason the only place I do seem to have a few is on the side of my face and neck under my ears... weird!!

Anyway I have been doing this for less than a week and cannot believe i am getting results so quickly, almost seems too good to be true but I will have to wait and see what happens!

So far the worst side effect is the dry lips which from what i've read in other blogs is pretty standard but I really hope i can get this under control. One of the girls at work thinks i look like i've had collagen injections!


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