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Week Seven: Day Forty-Eight



Woohoo! I'm not sure why I'm happy 'cause I got a LOT of crap to do but I guess its good that I know what I have to do! So I finally got all the assignments I need to catch up on aaaaaand I'm going to reorder the regimen today :D. The best case scenario is that I can get sunscreen and AHA+ too. I doubt it though, thats almost an extra forty dollars D:

I guess I don't really NEED sunscreen for a while since I'll be unable to run track at least for a couple weeks.

But hey I just asked and got it approved! So I'll hopefully be clearing these dark spots real soon :D. I'm still bummed I can't run track though, I feel like a fat lump. Guess it doesn't help I'm bored being home sick and eating lots.

Well, I'll make the best use of what time I have and try to educate my mind and clean up a bit. Maybe once I'm in better health I'll do some core and muscle work but try to avoid the cardio stuff like the doctor said. It was the muscles that were sore anyways, my cardiovascular system was practically godly after pre-season. Though it may need work after a bronchial infection.

Edit: so I'm not getting the sunscreen since the order came out to 65 dollars instead of 50 dollars. But I also can't do track so waiting for a while shouldn't burn me THAT bad. I hope. ^.^;;

Edit Edit: So I just realized I accidentally skipped a week. I'm finishing up week seven, not week eight. I'M A SMART ONE, NO? XDD


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