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I'm ok...looking on the bright side.



Ok so now I'm starting to think that my 'acne' problem is not actually acne but what they call that pirytosporum folliculitis. I have all these clogged pores that have been around forever and have not turned into anything yet but some that have been irritated have turned into big inflamed bumps...like acne but now I'm not so sure that it is. Yes, I get pimples every so often like everyone, but I really think that what I have may be more of this fungal infection than acne. I'd actually rather it be a fungal infection than acne. I'm gonna set up a doctor's appt hopefully within the week to see what's goin on....wish me luck?

Oh, or if you have experience with this pirytosporum please tell me what kind of things happen along with it! Thanks.


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