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My skin broke out a little bit on my cheeks. I'm guessing it's because I went off accutane for a week then went on it again because of the 32 day thing with iPledge. Yuck I hate iPledge! It's just a pain in the ass! Anyway, my skin is really really dry again and I've been getting lots of nosebleeds. My hair is getting thinner and I'm noticing it's falling out a little easier. (Ladies you know how we play with our hair and a few strands come out? It's a little more than a few strands...) I'm also feeling very tired a lot and out of breath after I walk up or down steps. I'm only 16 I feel like I'm 60! Headaches are very common too. I just need to drink a lot more water because I haven't really been doing that lately. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna go get some right now!


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