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Day 21 I see a tiny light at the end of a tunnel...



Mood: :D


I can see my skin is becoming less bumpy...however the acne I do have seem to stand out more. I've noticed when I touch it, it feels numb. Don't know if that's normal or not. Also I feel a lot if heat on my cheeks when I'm not even hot. Before accutane I don't recall ever having a lot of heat coming from my face. Day 21 it's exciting that I'm almost at my one month mark! During the month I have been drinking on several occasions, I can definitely feel that my alcohol tolerance has gone down. I would feel buzzed after a glass of beer. Before accutane I would be fine even after 4 glasses..I try not drink but when ur out it's a little hard not too.

Anyways as for my skin, it has gotten a lot more dry. I just purchased cetaphil moisturizing cream for dry to very dry skin. I read from a blog that it's really good for flaky skin. I will let u know how it's like once I use it tonight. I also bought blistex lip Medex Bc I already used all of my aveeno one. I wanted to purchase the same one but they didn't sell it at walmart. Didn't want to go to another store just for chapstick. I started using the blistex one and so far I like this one too~

I'm getting a lot of whiteheads, I try not to pop them but it's tempting too. Honestly it looks a little ridiculous going out and about all over town w a fully riped pimple looking like it's going to ooze haha.

I have my 2nd interview in 4 days! I'm very excited but starting to feel nervous again eekk! Hopefully by than m acne will b a bit better...hopefully the cysts would die down more, the redness would fade and my dry skin won't look flaky w my make up ... Sigh is that asking for too much? most of all I just need the confidence and the ability to let my personality shine through...

Good luck on your progress so far and I know there will b a day when we won't have to worry and stress over this...


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