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Week Seven: Day Forty-Seven



I slept so much yesterday I missed one regimen application :'( Funny thing was I remembered shortly after I woke up that I had forgotten to do it. I was actually in denial for a while. But I don't think missing it once will do THAT much, and considering how much I slept and how much I've been flaking lately perhaps it was actually helpful.

So I'm not going to school tomorrow or the day after that. I'm gonna try my best to keep up and use today to clean my room and otherwise prepare for the weeks ahead. I really have no clue what my future is for track. If I do go back to track I'll have to do A LOT of make-ups and I'll end up with four hours of physical activity a day, so chances are I'll end up making myself sick again. I guess I'll just talk to the coach about it.

Ugh,...I wish I didn't get sick

I was doing so well,..


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