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Tea Tree Oil Review & Skin Update



Spring Valley's Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)


Hey Everyone I am Back! :D

As I promised, I am giving you all an update on my skin and a review on the Tea Tree Oil that I bought 1 week ago.

If any of you don't recall, I bought this product because I didn't want to break out again because i though my pills wouldn't come in on time. So my friend recommended that I try this product and here are my thoughts and the facts

Where I bought it at:

I bought this oil at Wal-Mart for $8. At first I thought this was high price.. but in reality it is not. Tea Tree oil can run at a starting price of $10 and up... and that is only for either samples or 2fl.oz bottles. SO this was a great deal


If you click the image of the photo tag I put in this post, you can see that the oil comes in a brown glass bottle with a black cap. This product is small in size and comfortable to hold in your hand when you need to pour some of the liquid out.


This brand is "100% Pure Australian Oil Pharmaceutical Grade!" & "Natural Antiseptic".

To be honest, I didn't think much about was labeled on the bottle when I bought this product. However, when I was on the product reviews section on acne.org to look at peoples reviews for this oil in general, I realized that different brands of this oil did not work for some people. If the oil did work for some who were using it, it was the Australian Oil type. So if your already thinking about trying this product I suggest buying it if it only says "100% pure Australian Oil".

Out of 5 stars. I give this product a 5. The reason for this is that, when I applied the oil to my face, it absorbed the oil right away leaving no greasy areas or marks. It's very light. :D


Every smelled Vicks Vapor rub? I'm pretty sure most of you know that smell. who can forget it ! right? Well that strong smell is exactly what the oil smells like ( @ least to me). I like the smell. If you don't like the smell of it. theirs not much you can do about it.. When I 1st put this stuff for my face, my whole room smelled like this oil lol. The good thing was that my roommate loves the smell of it! Talk about a strong scent. :D i

The Progress (aka... What it does to the face from my experience):

1. I noticed that when you put the oil on your face, after 10 seconds, the skin absorbs it quickly.

2. The redness from the bumps of my face ( or in the surrounding areas) decreased a lot.

The skin is was allowing the oil to do its job .. reduce redness and size of the bumps. If any of you have areas where your acne, cysts or other bumps are, apply the oil to it to stop the itching. I did and it was amazing. :D

3. The oil dries out the pimple. This is what happened to me for the past week. My pimples went down significantly just like the bumps on my face. I'm not talking about 5% .. i'm talking about 98%. I was in shock because I have when I have been using the Dans Treatment (aka Benzoyl Peroxide). It did not do the job the oil has done.

I also recommend that if you do decide to use this product and your using some sort of benzoyl peroxide, I suggest not to use both of them on your face, it'll just irritate your face if you use both.

The tree oil pretty much replaces the benzoyl peroxide. Soif any of you have highly sensitive skin like me... use the oil and use the benzoyl as a back up..just in case you run out of the tea tree oil.

Overall Thoughts:

I love this product! I truly do.. I wish I would have learned about this oil and used it a long time ago. The one thing I also like about this oil is that it has also prevented new acne on my skin from occurring. So what I'm doing now is using this oil twice a day (morning and night). As for Dans Treatment bottle, I will save that as a back up treatment. when I run out of the oil and cant get to the store anytime soon.

Skin Update

There are some bumps on both of my cheeks. Nothing too big. I remember 1 week ago i had 3 big ones on my left cheek and that was just ridiculous! They wouldnt go away even when I was using the treatment. Luckily once I started using the tea tree oil, those bumps went away in 3 days! compare 3 days too 3 weeks! :D Major improvement.

I usually have these bumps because I will be PMS'n really soon.So if any of you have read my postings before, you can recall that I break out horribly before my period. So far I have not broke out terribly but we'll see~

My face is still clearing up one day at a time and I'm loving it. The good news is that my pills came in this past Friday which I was really excited :D I bought the 200 capsules bottle.. so those pills are going to last me a while . :D

So if any of you have any questions or curious about my facial progress and I haven't talked about it, send a note or comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP.


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thats great! I love tea tree oil :smileys_n_people_8:

You know i had itchy red bumps all over my scalp, they were itchy and some times very painful, i tried everything shampoos, home remedies even consulted doctor...no use, i found an article about "Tea Tree Oil" , started  using it, with coconut oil and it was like a magic! it started working immediately from day one! ,  now i am more than happy and stress free, just want to say "Thank you Tea Tree OIl!" :D

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