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so.....I've started something new.



I gave up on the regimen. I know, it says you shouldn't, just wait it out, but it was drying out my skin so freaking bad, and my acne was getting worse. So, I decided to start a regimen of my own, which has been working quite well so far.

Morning: wash with Dove soap. (every other morning use St.Ives scrub). tone with Clean and Clear sensitive skin astringent. moisturize with Dove moisturizer + SPF 15.

Night: wash with Dove soap. tone with Dickinson's Witch Hazel. spot treat with Clean and Clear Persa Gel. (10% Benzoyl Peroxide) moisturize with Cetaphil moisturizer (if needed). (I usually don't moisturize every night, only because the witch hazel toner moisturizes my skin enough.)


I have just recently, this past week, substituted the Dove soap for antibacterial soap. And it has made quite a difference. It has cleared up my acne, and I haven't gotten any new pimples.

I've been doing this regimen for about a month now, and it seems to be working quite well. It's about 'that time of the month' and by now, my face would be full blown horrible. Pimples everywhere...but my left cheek, where the acne usually gets the worst, is actually all cleared up, all except for my scars, but I haven't gotten any new ones, and by now, I would have a ton.

So I have faith that the regimen I'm using now, is going to work wonders. It's inexpensive, and I have very stubborn skin, and this is something that's actually working. I'm excited! :D


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