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Spoiler: Ray The Firefly Dies.

c'est la vigne


Day 635:

Damn the dry air in my house! I can't stand how much it dries my skin out. My face, my hands, my feet, my legs... Dry, dry, dry. Thank goodness for jojoba oil. I've been mixing a few drops with my Cetaphil every time I moisturize--which, I'll admit, isn't every day--and I occasionally mix some in with the St. Ives moisturizer I use on my body. I think I just need to stop being such a lazy-butt about moisturizing. I'm sure if I did it every day, things wouldn't be so bad. (Truth be told, things aren't even that bad--I'm just a whiner.)

I also did something akin to Cool As Kim Deal's jojoba oil exfoliation/masque the other day, and it felt pretty nice. My skin felt so smooth and soft afterward. And, as an added bonus, it hasn't been as oily as usual for the past two days. Usually, my skin is slightly shiny about two hours after I wash, but it's just been nice and matte these past couple of days, which is kind of neat, actually. So I'm thinking that I might make the jojoba oil exfoliation/masque a weekly or semi-weekly thing.

Other than that, not much going on. Just wanted to make a quick update.


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buy a little humidifier to moisten up the air
I have one, but it smells funky when it's on, and it's made so that you can only clean certain parts of it. We've scrubbed everything we can get to with vinegar and baking soda and bleach, but it still smells gross when it's turned on. I think it's something inside that we can't get to, which is a pain in the ass, because now the humidifier is pretty much useless, unless I want my bedroom to smell like a combination of dirty fish tank and moist cat food. : P

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