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MakeUp tips for acne



So these are some of the things I have learnt about applying makeup and maybe it would help someone out there.

- If you have acne, its better to stay away from liquid foundations. These tend to clog pores more than powder foundations. If you need to use one, choose one which says oil-free or non-comodogenic.

- If you are applying concealer to any "active" spots (i.e pimples where the skin is broken), use a small concealer brush for that. Also don't use the same concealer brush on other unaffected parts of your face as it will likely spread infection. If you don't have another brush, then gently wash the concealer brush with just water and wipe it with a paper towel, before using it on other parts of your face.

- I don't use any moisturizers or foundations in jar form because dipping your hands into it time and again can contaminate the whole jar with bacteria. I only use tubes or pump bottles.

- Better to toss liquid foundations after maybe 6 months since they do expire after a certain time. And they expire much faster than powder foundations.

- Better to use loose powder foundations like mineral makeup than pressed powder foundations. Many of them use oils to press powder foundations, and that can clog pores.

- If you want to use mineral makeup, make sure you are not sensitive to mica or bismuth oxychloride as that can make you breakout. Test the mineral makeup for a few days on a small part of your face to see how you to react to it. And if no reactions, then use it on whole face.

- When using mineral makeup, to avoid powdery look, spray a fine mist of water after it or any other hydrating spray.

I will edit this post if I remember any other tips :D


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