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Febuary 27th / 2010



So I've made a bunch of blogs before this but deleted them thinking they were stupid, so I'll recap on stuff. I'm 17 years old, Male, From B.C, Canada, in grade 12 / Senior, and i have NOW mild acne. It has been a lot worse in the past, and have had acne for about 3 years maybe more, and it really sucks, there is nothing worse than a chronic depressive state if that makes any sense. I was in the position where i was so self conscious that i hated going outside in public areas especially malls / stores etc. I would avoid social situations like crazy, making up excuses not to go to places. Waking up to a new breakout really puts a damper on your day, especially if its day after day. I remember times where i didn't see a reason to get out of bed, that's how bad it can get for someone. I'm still a little bit self conscious to this day but I've learned over the years that it is such a waste of mental strength and self esteem to be thinking about if others are judging me, because in the end, it doesn't matter one bit. You are the deciding factor in how you run your life, don't let anyone ever tell you anything different, and if they do, it is only because they are missing something in their life and are bringing others down because they can't get it. Anyways, for anyone who is in the low self-esteem stage, i know EXACTLY how you feel. What i can tell you is that it takes an immense amount of patience to get over this obstacle, no matter what you do, don't quit. I know when i was in this horrible position, it felt like no matter what anyone said my "condition" could not be altered one bit no matter how hard i tried. I used various acne treatments, pro activ of course, oxy clean or whatever it was called, and some other acid based chemicals that damage the skin. Nothing worked, nor will it ever. From my research and learning over my years with acne, ( i still have acne ) is that Diet is the largest part of the functioning of everything. Part of it is genetics and to do with hormones, but the overall cause of acne is diet. I went to this naturopath doctor a couple of months ago, and it is the smartest decision i have made in a long time. I am currently taking cod liver oil, Vitamin D liquid form, and Zinc pill form, all once daily, and i have seen the major improvements, not immediate, but gradual and consistent. I went for my first appointment around 16th of December 2009, so it's been about 2 months i guess, and in between i did get breakouts sometimes, at points i thought it was going to fail like everything else i had tried, some breakouts pretty bad, but soon after it healed up and been looking better than ever before. My point is, try a naturopath doctor! Okay, enough on the diet rant, I'm really thinking of posting pictures of myself on here. One thing i really notice since i have a significant amount of acne, is that other people may one day make fun of you, and the next day they maybe crying about a big breakout they just had, and coming to you for help and support. I know that from personal experience, my best friend wasn't the greatest friend ever, he cracked some jokes about me at points which really made me mad, but this year, he has been getting some large suckers, and been complaining a lot about it and is less confident. He always tells me about it and comes to me for support, i do help him out because i know he didn't mean what he said before hand, and now he really understands my pain in life. Anyways, I have basically figured out this problem and am gradually reversing it, with determination and persistence someday, i will have clear skin. If ANYONE needs someone to talk to I am the person to come to, I am a very sensitive person especially being a guy, so naturally i am understanding and compassionate, not trying to brag or anything, just putting myself out there a bit, hoping i can reach out to some other people in my situation or a worse one perhaps. Maybe i don't understand you completely but it sure does help to let your emotions run out, some decompression is healthy. Acne sucks, it has and always will, if you have confidence even though you have acne, people automatically ignore your skin in just about all cases, if you love yourself, others will love you too. Well that's that, just needed to get that out of my mind.


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