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The Regimen: Days 1 & 2



LET ME JUST START OFF BY SAYING: I was looking through the blogs on this website, trying to find out about the Regimen and how people react to it, and I read so many blog entries which were filled with "life stories" and "daily activities" of people trying out the Regimen. In my opinion, anybody reading your blog on a website called ACNE.ORG is more interested in your skincare experiences, not your after-school band practice. Therefore, I want to let anybody know that this blog will be solely about my experience with Dan's Regimen, and nothing else. If you are looking for personal opinions and experience with the Acne.org products, then this is the blog you're looking for. Thanks.

So surprisingly my order arrived on Wednesday. Three days is pretty impressive to ship from Oakland to New Jersey, way to go USPS.

Therefore, Wednesday night was my first crack at the Regimen. So far I've done the process four times, and here's how it has been so far:

- The first day, using a "pea-sized" amount of BP, was hard to apply and didn't really cover my whole face. I've increased the amount daily, but it's supposed to take "2-4 weeks" to reach the full amount.

- I also used the moisturizer with 4-5 drops of Jojoba Oil that night. I'm glad it was later on in the evening because my face was very greasy-looking, no matter how long I spent letting it absorb.

- The moisturizer is too greasy, in my opinion. Last night, it absorbed well, but the other times I have used it, it left a very oily residue and a shiny look. This is even without the added jojoba.

- Today I woke up with many small whiteheads, but other than that, my skin has not made any vast changes, not that I expected there to be any.

- The only major complaint, besides the greasiness of Dan's moisturizer, is that this evening, about 7 hours after doing the Regimen, my face started to sting and itch unbearably. I didn't want to touch my skin, but since it was so oily, I used a tissue to gently dab my face, which also calmed the itchiness.

Luckily, these symptoms are supposed to be expected while undergoing the Regimen. The only thing that I am hopeful of is that as I continue to increase the amount of BP used in the upcoming weeks, the moisturizer will be more readily absorbed into my skin instead of producing and oily residue.

P.S. I have not tried the AHA+ yet, because it is recommend to not use AHA+ until your skin is adjusted to the Regimen (after approx. 6 weeks). I will use it once I feel ready, and I hope I can use it as a replacement moisturizer if the current one continues to result in such a greasy mess.

QUESTION: Does gently dabbing oily skin with a tissue/toilet paper have a negative effect on skin?


You make a really good point. Most of the blogs on here are waay more about people's personal lives or their experiences with drugs like Accutane than their experiences on the Regimen. I remember when I first started the Regimen I had trouble finding a blog that actually addressed what this site is supposed to be about. So good for you! I'm sure you'll be a big help to lots of users. Good luck in your quest for clear skin! (and feel free to check out my blog--MixieMac's Blog--I try to stay pretty true to my experiences using the Regimen although I don't use Acne.org products.)

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Yes! I have been looking for a blog like this! Thank you so much! I will follow your progress, and compare it to mine (which should start as soon as the products arrive). I ordered everything that you did, except for the AHA+. Can't wait till you update and I get my supplies!!

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